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Here at your local handyman we are only to happy to advise you on all your painting and decorating needs.

When in doubt call in the experts.


Interior Painting.

Skirting boards and other difficult to get areas in the house are bread and butter to our team. Be it kitchen doors  or bedroom doors a new coat of paint is never out of place.



Exterior Painting.

The outside as usual gets a good hammering during the winter months and then a lot of sunshine during the summer months. Both have a detrimental effect on the exterior and fresh coatof paint is always a surprise.



Floor Sanding.

Our living floor rooms can take a lot of traffic and it's a wooden floor a scrapes and dents. Being wood it does of course look beautiful when it shines but after a while can become worn We have the professionals that can put your floors back together again looking as good as the first day they were laid. Talk to us today!



Wood Work.

Our experts can take care of all your interior woodwork Our experts know how to lay floors or hang those doors. Maybe you need some new flooring in your decking, we can advise you on the right wood to put down with less maintenance for you.

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