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Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Service in Dublin



Why you need a Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Service in Dublin.

We've all bought that beautiful piece of furniture we've seen on sale in the local Ikea, it always looks lovely when it's all put together in the shop and on display.


It's when we get it home and out of the car that the problems start arising.

It looked easy in the shop when it was in its full splendor.

Now we have to unpack and get it together.

Well instead of going through all this on your own why not call in the experts!


Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Service Dublin


One of our Local Handyman will arrange a convenient time to call and assemble your furniture and have it pride of place in your home.

We assemble all types of furniture, toys and equipment.

Our home improvement experts are professionals in assembling all your Furniture.

If assembly is required don't hesitate to contact us to make sure all your furniture is correctly assembled.



Here's a small example of the furniture we can put together for you.

  • Furniture Assembly, Bookcase Assembly, IKEA Assembly,

  • Bed Frame Assembly, Futon Assembly, Bike Assembly

  • Storage Rack Assembly, Entertainment Center Assembly

  • Deck Furniture Assembly, Desk Assembly

  • Table Assembly, Shelving Unit Assembly, Cabinet Assembly

  • Sofa Assembly, Fence Assembly, Grill Assembly

  • Blackboard Assembly & Installation, Basketball



It's never easy putting these pieces of furniture together and we understand how time consuming they can be. We are here to help.

So if you need a Flat Pack Furniture Assembly Service in Dublin Today Contact Us By Clicking Call Now Button Below!


Don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call us now.


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