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We Specialise in Repairs and Maintenance That Will Keep your Home Running Smoothly.


Putting up Shelves & Cupboards

Those tricky and often cumbersome shelves and cupboards are never easy to install but we at your local handyman have the necessary tools and expertise to hang any shelf.

Resealing Bathrooms

Bathroom OR Shower leaking into downstairs?

It's time to have your bath and shower resealed. We will take off old sealant and replace with neatly & Securely. Stop that leak Now!

Hanging Pictures & Mirrors

Pictures and mirrors are another popular service we provide and we promise to get that favorite mirror or picture hanging straight and showing its best.


New kitchen doors or new doors for anywhere in the house we can hang then quickly and easily.

We have all the skills to hang your doors straight and to have them opening and closing smoothly and quietly.


Need fittings hung in your garden OR inside your house? We have all the tools to precisely drill & hang everything Quickly & Expertly!


New lights fitted, we will dismantle your old light fittings and install your Brand new fittings.

Plugs OR sockets loose, We can replace and fit all your sockets & plugs

Kitchen Fittings

Kitchen doors or handles loose. Let's tighten everything up today!

Drywall Repair

Accidents can and do happen! If you have holes you need to be filled in your walls your in luck! Contact us today.

Hanging Curtain Poles

Curtains loose OR thinking about new curtain poles! We use our own fittings to secure your Curtains safely & Securely to your wall

How To Hang TV On Walls

Wall mounted TVs are all the rage now. We fit your TVs safely to any wall in your home.

New Locks

Need new locks fitted on your doors? We will remove your old locks and fit all your new locks in your home


We fit all Bathroom accessories, toilet holder, towel holder, soap holder, Shower Poles, you name it we hang it in your Bathroom.

Toilet Seats

Need new toilet seats fitted? We uninstall your old toilet seat and attach your new seat expertly.

Flatpack Assembly

We Assemble all Flatpack furniture whatever the make, including Wardrobes & Kitchen units. We also make sure it's securely fixed to your wall. Contact us for a Quote Today!


If we missed one or two things above contact us now and let's discuss your needs in Person 🙂


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