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We Specialise in Repairs and Maintenance that will Keep your Home running Smoothly.


Putting up Shelves & Cupboards

Those tricky and often cumbersome  shelves and cupboards are never easy to install but we at your local handyman have the necessary tools and expertise to hang any shelf.


Hanging Pictures & Mirrors

Pictures and mirrors are another popular service we provide and we promise to get that favourite mirror or picture hanging straight and showing its best.


Domestic Plumbing & Electric's

Look we all have that leaky tap that always goes drip drip drip, not only is it costing you money but it's damaging your sink with the constant drip.

We are here to help and can fix it quickly and expertly.



New kitchen doors or new doors for anywhere in the house we can hang then quickly and easily.

We have all the skills to hang your doors straight and to have them opening and closing smoothly and quietly.


Your Local Handyman Is Here To Help You!


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