Recently I featured a couple of wall art projects which made me think outside the box when it comes to decor. I’m talking about this geometric wall art project and this ridiculously painting project.

10 Simple DIY Decor Projects Will Give Your House a Cool, Contemporary Vibe {Video tutorial}

Both of these projects have a more modern look than a lot of the DIY projects which we feature on the site. Most of what we feature has a more rustic look and feel, consistent with the styles which are in vogue these days. But maybe your house has a more contemporary vibe, and you are looking for projects which will fit in well with that.Here is a video which I discovered which presents a lot of sophisticated DIY decor projects which would fit well in a contemporary home:

Many of these projects have a minimalist appeal to them, which is why they would work so well as part of a contemporary style. At the same time, that gives them the versatility to fit well into other décor styles as well. So if you do have a more rustic home, some of these projects would still look awesome (especially the one with the pressed plants). They are all quite creative, and none of them look particularly challenging. I am especially amazed with what you can do with black paint and a pillowcase.

Personally, I cannot wait to give these a try! I hope that whatever your style, you find at least a few of these projects perfect for your own home! Video by Drew Scott.

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