St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re Irish – and even if you’re not – I’ve got a wonderful collection of crafts that you can share with your children and show off that Irish pride. Kids love crafting – almost as much as we adults do – and to make things really fun, I’ve added some really neat ways to create shamrocks and other St. Patrick’s Day themed activities.

45 Fantastically Fun St. Patrick’s Day Crafts For Kids - Easy and cute projects with tutorial links.


From slime and play dough to shirts and necklaces, I promise there is going to be a project in here that you are going to want to share with your little ones. There are a few really great learning activities that incorporate fine motor skill development and even a science craft project! I love sensory projects, like this one that teaches how to blow bubbles in slime, and other learning activities. This project list has so many wonderful things that you can share with your children and teach them amazing skills.

There are things for kids to wear, things for them to decorate the house with, and even things for them to just have fun. Kids crafts are the best and I adore spending time with little ones at the kitchen table learning and crafting. You’re going to love it, too. Most of these projects require only a handful of supplies, and many of them use things that you probably already have on hand. Best of all, they’re fun for kids and parents, like these fun glow in the dark projects.

Even if you don’t normally celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you’re going to love these DIY kids’ crafts. They’re going to spend hours at the table making shamrocks and other green things and you’re going to have a wonderful list of crafts for them to enjoy when the weather isn’t allowing for outdoor play. Grab those crafting supplies, and the kids, and let’s make some kid themed St. Patrick’s Day crafts that are sure to please the entire family.


1. Painted Shamrock

Painted ShamrockThis shamrock is easy to make and you only need a few supplies. To make the perfect shape, cut a bell pepper and use that to stamp the painting. Just paint around the pepper and press firmly to paper. Then kids can decorate around the shamrock however they want. Plus, green pepper is a yummy and very healthy snack that you can have while you’re enjoying craft time.


2. DIY Beaded Shamrocks

DIY Beaded ShamrocksThese beaded shamrocks are really cute and making them helps to develop fine motor skills. You can find the supplies for these at most craft or hobby stores. You will need pipe cleaners – in green and shiny if you can find them – and pony beads, which you can actually get at Walmart and they’re pretty cheap. Kids will adore making these and again, they help to develop those much needed motor skills because of the folding and feeding the beads onto the pipe cleaners.


3. How To Catch A Leprechaun

How To Catch A LeprechaunLegend says that if you are lucky enough to catch a leprechaun, he has to tell you where his gold is hidden. How much fun will it be to build this leprechaun trap with your little ones? You need a pint basket, like the ones that strawberries come in, a stick and some string. Of course you also need a snack, and leprechauns do love Lucky Charms, right? Kids will love waiting to see what their little trap produces, and you can appease them – not with a leprechaun of course – with some gold coins or even golden coin candies.


4. DIY Clay Pot Leprechaun

DIY Clay Pot LeprechaunThis little clay pot leprechaun is easy to make and will be the perfect St. Patrick’s Day decoration for your porch or deck. You need a terra cotta pot and some felt and other fabrics. I’ve seen this done with a second clay pot for the head if you prefer to go that route, or use this pattern and make his head and hat from felt. Either way, he’s going to be a favored St. Patrick’s Day craft among your kids.

Tutorial: newsday

5. Shamrock Canvases

Shamrock CanvasesThese shamrock canvases give your kids their own creative avenue. They can paint them however they want. You’ll start with a canvas and a cut out shamrock. Then, kids just paint around the shamrock and maybe even add some embellishments like rhinestone gems or even stickers for younger ones. This is a great craft for all ages.

Tutorial: weknowstuff

6. Easy DIY Rainbow Necklace

Easy DIY Rainbow NecklaceNot all St. Patrick’s Day crafts incorporate green shamrocks. This easy to make necklace is a good example. This is sure to be a hit among the girls in your house. This is a great St. Patrick’s Day twist on a traditional macaroni necklace, and it even has a shiny little shamrock at the bottom. It’s cute and really easy for kids to make – plus it has loads of color.


7. Magical Rainbow Wands

Magical Rainbow WandsThese magical rainbow wands ae easy to make and only require a few craft supplies. You’ll need white felt, stuffing, long lollipop sticks, and some ribbon in different colors. Girls are going to love making and using their own rainbow magic wand, and this is a great project to keep them busy when it’s too cold to get outdoors.


8. Easy And Colorful Dot Art Shamrock

Easy And Colorful Dot Art ShamrockDo A Dot Art markers are great for little ones. They’re markers but specially designed to color in dots. They make this colorful dot art shamrock really easy. You just draw the shamrock out and have kids fill in green around the outline. Then let them be as creative as they want, filling in the inside of the shamrock in different colors. The end result is a lovely rainbow shamrock that kids will have a blast making.


9. Easy Colored Rainbows

Easy Colored RainbowsToddlers and preschoolers love drawing. If you have little ones, and they want to make a rainbow, there is a really easy way for them to do it. Just wrap some ribbon or even a rubber band around your crayons of different colors, and then let them swipe back and forth on the paper. They’ll create the perfect rainbow of colors and be so proud and you’ll have a lovely picture to grace the refrigerator.


10. Fun Edible Rainbow

Fun Edible RainbowThis edible rainbow is as pretty as it is delicious. You start with gel icing – to keep it all in place – and add mini marshmallows at the base for the cloud. Then create your rainbow with colored cereal like Fruit Loops, and finish with a shiny cupcake paper that you fill with gold chocolate coins or Rolos. Kids are going to love making and then eating this rainbow, and it’s perfect for parties!


11. End Of The Rainbow Twirlers

End Of The Rainbow TwirlersWhether you’re planning a party for St. Patrick’s Day or you just want some colorful decorations that kids can make, these twirlers are perfect. You make them with paper plates, paint, and black and yellow paper. Paint the paper plate and then cut it to make the twirl. The black and yellow paper is used to create the gold at the end of the rainbow. Kids are going to adore painting and then twirling their little creation.

Tutorial: craftymorning

12. DIY Green Felt Headband

DIY Green Felt HeadbandSome wide elastic and green felt that you cut and shape into a bow are perfect for showing off your Irish pride. Girls are going to adore these little headbands, which are the perfect addition to any wardrobe – and they’re green so they can avoid those little pinches. Just affix the bow to the elastic and you’re all set.

Tutorial: thedempsterlogbook

13. Felt Rainbow

You can get squares of colored felt at most craft stores for less than 50 cents each. You can use those squares to create a beautiful felt rainbow that kids are going to love making and displaying. Just cut the squares into smaller squares and let them create their own little rainbow with glue and construction paper. Add cotton balls for clouds and some gold coins – plastic ones of course – for the pot at the end of the rainbow.


14. DIY Telescope – For Finding The Pot Of Gold

DIY Telescope – For Finding The Pot Of GoldThis telescope is so colorful – and it’s perfect for helping to teach toddlers their colors. To make it, you’ll need craft foam in different colors, hot glue and scissors, and for the end, you’ll need an old mason jar lid and some clear cellophane. How much fun will kids have looking through their telescope for the gold at the end of a rainbow?

Tutorial: smartschoolhouse

15. Fine Motor Sparkly Shamrocks

Fine Motor Sparkly ShamrocksThese sparkly shamrocks are also great for developing fine motor skills, which makes them perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. You’ll want an adult or older child to draw out the shamrocks and then the younger children sprinkle salt over the wet glue – which is what you draw the shamrocks with – and then add green liquid to make them St. Patrick’s Day colored. This is also a great visual activity as they can watch the green liquid completely overtake the white glue and salt.

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