Deep Blue Theme Room Ideas for Your Home in Pictures

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Blue is the color of the sky and sea. It is filling out two of the biggest parts of the earth. Therefore, it is not strange to say that deep blue theme room is one of the most sought room decoration themes. Our 14 deep blue theme room ideas for your home will not only…

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16 of the Best Design Ideas for Kitchen Decoration

Talking about kitchen and bathroom design, you can never leave out Jean Stoffer’s name. She is an independent interior designer specializing in both rooms since 1995. Jean Stoffer design is always created specifically for her client. Not only that, Jean Stoffer design has also won many awards such as a recognition as national winner of…

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21 Best Opalhouse Target

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Target knows the way to continue to keep their goods and designs fresh. It’s Target’s New Opalhouse Collection and I’m OBSESSED. Target is rapidly turning into a crucial player in the furniture and decor market. On April 8, it will launch a new home line with bold colors, optimistic prints and tons of texture. Selecting…

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17 Best Bookcase Inspiration for Home Decoration

Bookcase is one of the important furniture at home. Nobody will leave their house having no bookcase at all. Even if its purpose is not for putting only books but also various decorations. Best bookcase inspiration can come from many things including nature and artistic workpiece. So, rather than saying that bookcase should only has…

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