How To Hang Curtain Pole

how to hang curtain pole

Hanging curtains is a great DIY project that requires only basic tools and skills.

This tutorial shows you how to install a curtain rod and hang curtains.  

Hang curtains on a curtain rod using these easy instructions!

Curtain rods come in different sizes and shapes. Find out what size and style you need!

You’ll also learn how to hang curtains from a wall or ceiling.

Curtains are an inexpensive way to add colour and design to your space. 

Before starting this project, measure your room for length, width, height, and any other measurements you need. You can use a tape measure or a ruler.

Make sure you have enough space on both sides of the window so you can attach the curtain rods.

Tools You’ll Need

And a few tools and fittings that you’ll need before you start.

You need to use your pole and screws.

Hack saw – if you need to cut your pole

Speak to your local DIY store if you’re not sure which rawl plugs are right for your wall type.

Measurement tape


Drill and Drillbits


Spirit level 

Safety first! To fit your pole or track you will need to drill into a wall, so it’s best to check before you start that there are no pipes or cables nearby. If you’re not sure where the pipes or cables lie, use a cable detector to check the area first.

1. Take precise measurements

How To Hang Curtain Pole

Measure the length of your curtain pole, adding 20 cm to each side of the windows so that the drawn-back curtains won’t block out light during the daytime. If you’re clued up about measuring for curtains, you’ll know this.

You want an additional six to ten inches on each side of the window so that when the curtains are completely pulled back, you can see almost all the window.

If you learn How To Hang Curtain Pole pull back the curtains and the lining, the heavier the material and the thicker the fabric, the more space they will take up. You should factor this into your final measurement. For example, curtain rods are usually sold in different sizes, such as 48-88 inches, 60-108 inches, or 108-144 inches. Once you’ve measured your window, choose the appropriate size for that width.

2. Choosing a Curtain Rail

How To Hang Curtain Pole

When choosing a curtain rod, remember that you need one that is at least 15-20cm longer on each side than the width of the windows on either side (total extra length 30-40cm). For example, if you want a rail that is 100 cm wide, you need one that is at least 130 cm long.

3. Position the pole where you want it to be.

How To Hang Curtain Pole

You now need to mark up where you want the pole to be placed and decide on the height of the pole above the window.

Make sure there’s at least 3-6″ above the top of the window frame so that it makes an attractive drop and keeps out cold air during the winter months. If you’ve got the curtains already, hang them up in situ to get an idea of what height will look best.

Measure twice, cut once. This is a good rule for any project, but especially when cutting fabric. Measure your windows from floor to ceiling and then measure again from the bottom of the window frame to the same point on the wall. You’ll be surprised how much difference this can make.

4. Walls and fixings

Poles and tracks are usually fixed to walls, window frames or ceilings, so you will need to drill through them into unknown materials. You need a good drilling tool, ideally with the option for hammer action for concrete, as well as the appropriate size and type of drill bits. Choose high-quality drill bits – anything else will be a waste of money.

You might only have plasterboard into which you drill or you may hit a steel beam. You could hit stone or wood, or any mix of them. If you’re drilling into a bathroom tile, you might need to drill through several layers of material before reaching the wall. You’ll need special tools for this.

Most DIY fitters only drill about 25mm into the walls because the screws they usually provide with curtain poles are this long and often there is something hard to drill behind the wall. Unfortunately, this won’t guarantee that the curtains will stay up!

We usually throw away the provided screws because they’re often of poor quality anyway. We try to fit the bracket into the wall at least 50mm. We often drill 75mm deep to get a secure anchor point.

Be careful not to drill into electrical wiring or pipe work. If in any doubt, ask someone who knows.

This will sound obvious and it is, when you see a pole come in two parts make sure the join is at the centre. However, if you have a good reason why you want to put the join elsewhere, then go ahead and do so.

A pole made of 2 pieces will require a central support bracket for stability. This will hide the join. Double-ended screws are used to join wooden poles together. Metal poles use a piece of spring steel or wooden dowels to connect the two halves. Poles in two halves need a central support bracket to take the load.

Fit the centre support first before fitting the pole. Then take the levels off the left side and right side for the end brackets. If you start at one end of the pole and work across, you should get a more level stick than if you start at the opposite end.

5. Determine how high to hang curtain rods.

Where do I hang curtain rods? It’s important to mount curtain rods where they’re supposed to be mounted, or your perfect-size curtains may not hang correctly. If a rod is placed too close to the window, it can make the room seem smaller than it actually is. To ensure perfect curtain positioning, measure the depth of the window molding to determine its ideal size for your curtain bracket. You’ll need curtain brackets that extend beyond the depth of your trimming. If they’re not deep enough, your curtains won’t be able to hang properly.

Using a pencil and measuring tape, mark where you want your curtain brackets to be, so they’re about four to six inches above your window frame. Make sure the curtains will slightly touch the floor or hover just below it. The curtain brackets should sit about six inches away from the outside edge of your window frame to allow for lots of natural light.

6. Measure the centre point of your pole/track

To get a centered pole or track, or measure for the center bracket if your curtain pole needs it, you need to locate the middle of your window frame. To measure for this, just take your window width measurement then divide it by two.

Using a measuring tape, measure this centre point on the floor with a pencil.

Most poles or tracks need to be placed at least 12–15 cm (4–6 inches) above the top of the windows. Mark this distance from the centre of the window.

7. Fixing the brackets and pole/track

Use a soft pencil or marker to mark the bracket fixing holes on the wall (or soffit) for top-fix installations. Check your answers and make sure that they’re accurate and aligned. If you’re hanging curtains from the ceiling, you might want to use a spirit level to ensure they hang straight. However, if the curtain rod is aligned with the floor or sill, then it’s fine to leave them hanging without using a spirit level.

Make sure to check if there are any obstacles such as cables or pipes before drilling. It’s helpful to have a voltage detector but be aware that plastic piping is very difficult for a voltage detector to detect. Ask for advice if you’re not sure.

Drill starter holes using a drill bit, then enlarge them just enough to fit your wall plugs. Sometimes, for cavity walls, it may be sufficient to use tight fixing into the plasterboard or to use specialist plasterboard fixing. Drill holes through the wall using a drill.

Secure the brackets to your wall using suitable screws.

8. How To Hang Curtain Pole

Make sure that you’ve got the same number of track rings or gliders as pleats and then just hook them through. For a curtain pole, attach the final curtain hook to the bracket and for a curtain track, attach it to the fixed glide at the end.

Done! Sit back and enjoy.

In conclusion, when choosing a curtain rail or pole, consider the style of window pole you’d like to install and the size of your windows. A small, decorative curtain rod will work well for smaller windows, but if you have larger windows, choose a large, sturdy curtain rod.

If you’re planning on using curtains in your bathroom, make sure that they are made from waterproof fabric and can withstand moisture. Curtains should be able to withstand some light cleaning with mild soap and water. Also, look into the type of hardware you’d prefer (curtain rings versus hooks).

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