With summer on the way an Outdoor Sofa sounds nice. Maybe you could build one yourself. Check out this DIY Outdoor sofa!

How to Build a Rustic Outdoor Sofa the Easy Way


We never actually like anything we buy from the store. Without exception, either the furniture we buy isn’t comfortable, or it doesn’t hold up well to the weather. There never seems to be an exception. So why not build something ourselves instead this time around?My husband and I have plenty of experience with backyard and patio projects — everything from building a stone fire pit to making a literal bed of grass. So I embarked on a YouTube quest to find the perfect project for comfortable patio seating! And here is what I found:


This sofa is built entirely out of wood, though the gray color of the paint makes it look almost like stone when you first see it. Of course, you could finish it in any color you wanted, but I kind of like the minimalist appeal of the black cushions and the gray wood.

Watching the video, you will see that the design itself is ridiculously simple — and thus ridiculously easy as well. By now my husband and I have a fair bit of experience between us with carpentry, but I still get a little nervous about super complicated woodworking projects, so I was glad to see that this project wasn’t going to be too demanding.

We plan to work on the sofa in a few weeks — I just can’t wait! If you decide to try constructing this for your own deck or patio, be sure to let us know how it goes!


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