Not sure how it is at your house, but at ours, we are constantly moving kids around to different bedrooms or even redecorating those bedrooms.  Even if it’s a little paint on the wall, it’s always fun for kids to have a new and exciting place they enjoy being in.  Here are some of the best boys themed bedrooms on the internet. See if they can’t give you a little inspiration for the boy bedrooms at your house!


Amazing and Inspiring Boy Bedrooms for Your Boys

1.   Outer Space Themed Bedroom is great for the budding astronaut!

2.  Train Rooms would be totally fun!  How cool is this bed?

3.  Have a boy at your house who loves football?  This Football Wall would be an amazing feature in boy bedrooms!

4.  Or maybe baseball is more like it at your house?  Loving this Baseball Room and the easy way they made that baseball stitching on the wall!

 5.  Here’s a Comic Book Theme that isn’t too little kid-like. It looks pretty amazing to me!!

 6.  Or this SuperHero Room… so colorful yet classy.

7.  Here’s a great Transportation Room that could grow with the kids. I Love the blue and green!

8.  This Star Wars Bedroom shows it doesn’t take many accessories to decorate a room!  So awesome!

9.  This Industrial Designed Bedroom is one bedroom design even I could live with!

10.  This great Big Boy Room uses a great color palette!

11.  This Orange and Black Striped Room is perfect for any teen boy!

12.  The Orange and Grey Ocean bedroom is one of my favorites.  Love the DIY Surfboard too!

13.  This Sports Themed Room is a dream for any teenage boy!  Heck, I think my husband would even love it!

I think I’m ready to pack up the nursery animal decorations and get my little guy a big boy room to grow into!  Love these!

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