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We cover all those small Tricky jobs around your House.
Bedroom Makeovers 
Bedrooms are always in need of a fresh paint job. See what we can do for you today 
Patio Makeovers 
Patios always need freshening up this time of year,  let us clean your deck today.
Kitchen Makeovers 
The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home and is constantly changing, forever evolving,  that's why we understand that you like changing it as well. 
Our Services
Handyman Services

Those tricky and often cumbersome  shelves and cupboards are never easy to install but we at your local handyman have the necessary tools and expertise to hang any shelf.

Plumbing Services 

Look we all have that leaky tap that always goes drip drip drip, not only is it costing you money but it's damaging your sink with the constant drip

 Carpentry Services
New kitchen doors or new doors for anywhere in the house we can hang then quickly and easily.  
Flatpack Services 

We've all bought that beautiful piece of furniture we've seen on sale in the local Ikea, it always looks lovely when it's all put together in the shop and on display. We will put it together for you!!

Garden Services 
The deck can be a lovely place to hang out in during the summer but its during the winter that all the action happens! 
Paint & Decorating Services 

Skirting boards and other difficult to get areas in the house are bread and butter to our team. Be it kitchen doors  or bedroom doors a new coat of paint is never out of place.

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