Replace Toilet Seat and Lid

How to Replace a Bathroom Toilet Seat 

Toilet Repair: Replacing A Toilet Seat –

DIY & Technical: Replace a toilet seat using our easy, step-by-step guide. Here we explain How to fit a standard toilet seat.

Why should I replace My Replace Toilet Seat And Lid

How often do you clean out your toilet bowl? If you don’t, then you should definitely get rid of that old, disgusting seat.

For replacement toilet seats you’ll want to purchase a replacement cover. These covers come in several styles, sizes, and colours.

They also come in a variety of materials, such as plastic or vinyl.

Some toilets have plastic seats, others metal ones, some have fancy designs, and some have plain old white ones.

Ensure you’re fitting the right sized toilet seat!

Are they all a standard size?

Toilet seats come in a variety of shapes, so you’ll want to make sure you buy one that suits your needs.

The measurement between the two fixing hinges is important. Most have a standard length of 155mm.

You should measure the distance of the bowl before buying a new loo seat.

Measurements include the width of the bowl at its widest point and the length from the front of the bowl to the two-seat fixing holes.

They usually have two screws that hold the seat in place,

These screws should be removed first, and then the nuts holding the seat down should be loosened.

An Adjustable wrench will work well here. After removing the adjustable nuts that keep the seat held in place, the seat should be lifted off.

Wear a pair of protective gloves to keep your hands clean

How to remove an old toilet seat and Lid

Toilet seats are attached with bolts holding your seat in place, there are usually plastic caps covering these bolts. 

Use a flathead screwdriver to remove these caps. Older toilets may be harder to remove. Be careful when removing the caps.

Once you’ve removed the caps on the bottom of your seat, you’ll see the screws with wingnuts. You may use tools like pliers to loosen these nuts, and then remove the screws by hand.

Depending on the make of the seat, you may need to use your screwdriver to unscrew it. If the seat is stuck or too rusty to lift off on its own, spray a bit of WD-40 on the seat and wait for up to ten minutes before trying to lift it.

Seats vary in how they’re attached to the Toilet, but most will work similarly. You might need to use a small saw to cut them off.

It can be tricky, but shouldn’t take too long. Remember the process for next time!

Once you remove the toilet seat, give the bowl a good cleaning with an anti-bacterial cleaner it’s time to fit the toilet lid

how to replace a toilet seat

How to Install a New Toilet Seat

When you remove your old seat, it’s time for you to position the new toilet seat

You’ll be given the necessary fittings to attach the new one, including instructions from the manufacturers on how to put them together.

Your new toilet seat should sit evenly on the perimeter of the toilet bowl, and it should be centred. Once you’re happy with the position of your new seat, use your hand or pliers to tighten the two bolts the hole underneath the seat. seats should be tightened properly.

Plastic bolts won’t break after several uses. Rubber washers must be placed between nuts and toilet seat. Two wingnuts in the hole underneath are used to tighten the seat.

Push the new seat onto its bolts by pressing it down. Replace the old seat using the wingnuts. Follow these steps to install a new one and you will have no trouble installing the seat.

Common Questions On Toilet Seats

Who invented the toilet seat lid?

The toilet seat lid was invented in 1884 by Thomas crapper.

Should the toilet seat lid be up or down?

There is no universal answer to this question, as people have different preferences. Some people believe that it is more sanitary to keep the toilet seat lid down, while others believe that it is more convenient to keep it up. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which position they prefer.

Are toilet seats a standard size?

Most toilet seats are standard size, but there are some brands that make oversized or undersized seats. It is best to measure your toilet seat before you purchase a new one to be sure it will fit.


This article has given you a step-by-step guide on how to replace a seat.

If you’ve always wanted to know how to change a seat but were unsure of where to start or felt that you would struggle on your own then I hope that this has given you the push and confidence to change a seat yourself.

You never know, maybe one day; you’ll be the one helping someone else out with this job, in which case hopefully these steps will come in handy!

If you need bathroom Expert Fitters or need measurements taken of your seat please contact us for assistance.

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A toilet seat is a hinged unit consisting of a round or oval open seat, and usually a lid, which is bolted onto the bowl of a toilet used in a sitting

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